本文摘要:The United States, unfortunately and tragically, has seen a surge in COVID-19 infections since early July。

The United States, unfortunately and tragically, has seen a surge in COVID-19 infections since early July。Half the states have been setting new daily infection records。  英国的新冠肺炎病发病例自10月初刚开始大幅降低,让人泪如雨下。

一半的州单天增加病例都创了记录。  Let’s put that in perspective。  根据比照看得更为准确。

  In China‘s Hubei Province, the former epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, about 68,000 cases have been reported since the beginning of the outbreak。In America, there are about that many cases in a single day。  在我国湖北,也就是先前的疫情管理中心,从疫情高发到现在一共汇报了68000个病例。

在国外,一天以内的增加病例就彻底有那么多。  It is high time that people in America looked at their attitude toward the pandemic。  一些外国人也现在是时候自我反思一下自身看待疫情的心态了。  Here is a scene from a city council gathering in Florida, where a mask-wearing advisory meeting quickly turned into an anti-mask rally。

  大伙儿在视頻里看到的是佛罗里达州的一个市议会内的情景。一场有关否佩戴口罩的建议征求不容易快速变成了反口罩聚会。  Anti-masker: “You are removing our freedoms and stomping on our constitutional rights by these communist dictatorship orders or laws you want to mandate。”  反口罩者:“大家褫夺了大家的权利,侵害了宪法学突显大家的权利,大家的回绝是这些当权的专制国家才不容易做出的指令。

”  Anti-masker: “We are home of the free, land of the brave。This is America, as someone else spoke, this is not Cuba。We are not in a communist nation。

”  反口罩者:“它是权利者的佳园,昌险的土地资源。这儿是英国,究竟,这儿并不是利比里亚。

大家又不是共产主义社会我国。”  Anti-masker: “We will get together and do a citizen’s arrest on every single human being that goes against the freedom of choice, okay? You cannot mandate; you literally cannot mandate somebody to wear a mask knowing that mask is killing people。”  反口罩者:“大家不容易团结一心,被抓大家每一个侵害大家权利决定权的人,不明白了没有?大家沒有权利指令大家,你没法在告知口罩不容易诬陷人的状况下还逼迫大家戴着口罩。


”  I am not sure how wearing masks is killing people, but most medical experts say that a lack of it could。  我不会准确戴着口罩为什么会诬陷人,但我告诉大部分医生专家强调不戴着口罩有可能病毒性感染送命。  All this shouldn‘t be a surprise given that President Trump himself wore a mask in public for the first time on July 12。That’s after the country reported over 3 million cases。


  While some folks took issue with masks, others had an issue with the government lockdown orders。Listen to these vacation-goers on Miami Beach。  Vacationer in Miami: “It’s really messing up with my spring break。

What is there to do here other than go to bars or the beach。”  迈阿密的度假者: “这感慨打乱了我的春假。

请假没去夜店或沙滩还能干啥呢?”  Vacationer in Miami: “I mean it sucks but we are going to make the best of it。”  迈阿密的度假者: “我要讲到这很很差,可是大家還是不容易充份以苦为乐的。

”  Vacationer in Miami: “If I get corona, I get corona。At the end of the day, I am not going to let it stop me from partying。”  迈阿密的度假者: “我如果得了新的粗大那么就得了呗。


”  Coinciding with this insistence on personal freedom is a spike in cases。  当这些人固执本人权利的情况下,病例却在飙升。


  On July 12, Florida broke the record for most new coronavirus cases in a day in the U.S。, even surpassing New York during its height in April。

And on July 14, Florida broke its record for most deaths in a single day。Florida now accounts for a quarter of new daily cases in America。  7月12日,佛罗里达州更新了美国各州单天增加病例数的纪录,乃至比美国纽约州4月份疫情最相当严重时的单天增加也要多。

7月14日,佛罗里达州的单天丧命总数也超出新记录。现阶段,佛罗里达州日增加病例数占据美国的四分之一。  In contrast with some Americans’ resentment toward government lockdown orders and mask-wearing guidelines, our colleague at CNN documented a typical day in China。  为了更好地比照中国与美国两国之间群众对封城和戴口罩的违反,一位美国有线电视新闻网新闻记者纪录下了一般我国群众的一天。

  David Culver , CNN Beijing correspondent: “A weekday morning rush-hour, walk with us through the streets of Beijing。Look to my right, my left, behind me and even headed right toward me。

You notice just about every commuter wearing a face mask。  In China, from passengers boarding trains and planes to those with shorter commutes – riding scooters, or hopping on the metro rail, masks are on。

  Step into a local shopping mall with us and it’s a temperature check first and another check of the health code。“  CNN公使新闻记者 David Culver :“现在是工作日内早晨的交通出行高峰期時间,追随着大家的摄像镜头一起到北京的街边走一走。想起我的左侧、右侧、后边也有正前,你肯定不会寻找彻底每一个过路人都戴着口罩。

在我国,从列车和飞机场旅客,到短途旅游者、骑着电瓶车的人与乘坐地铁的人,任何人都戴着口罩。如今要求随大家摆脱一家百货商城,最先要进行体温测量,随后再作检查一下身心健康码。”  I don‘t want to make pandemic control a political contest, but the reality is that in China, during the height of the pandemic, and even now, the majority of people wore a mask, obeyed government lockdown orders, and gave up some of their personal freedom。

It’s tough, but people persevered。And as a result, COVID-19 is now largely under control, and people are better able to enjoy their freedom。  我并想把抗疫当作一场政冶赛事。



  Many observers believe the cultural attitude of persevering now to enjoy later, respecting authority and sacrificing personal freedom for the greater good is common in Asian cultures。It‘s true that this culture doesn’t work in all circumstances, but in the case of curbing the virus, it‘s believed to be the key for countries like South Korea, Japan, Singapore and China to emerge from the pandemic more quickly。  根据疫情,许多 认真观察人员看到了东方人的文化艺术心态,例如苦尽甘来,例如认可权威性,例如为整体利益英勇献身本人权利。究竟,这类文化艺术并并不是全能的,但在本次抗疫行動中,它被 证实是日本、日本国、马来西亚和中国等东南亚国家比较慢操控寄住疫情的重要。

  That said, the Trump administration‘s failure to deal with the pandemic is apparent, and even as cases surge, its politicization of the virus hasn’t stopped。  即便如此,在政府部门方面,特朗普美国白宫在抗疫上的结束也是众所周知的。在病案飙升的今日,他仍在大大的将病原体意识形态化。

  Trump sidelined the country‘s top infectious disease expert, Anthony Fauci, who reportedly no longer briefs the president and who himself said he hasn’t met the president since June 2。  特朗普将美国权威性传染病学权威专家安东尼•福奇弱化。有报道讲到,福奇早就依然向美国总统汇报了。

他自己也答复自身从6月2号以后就没见过美国总统。  In addition, re-opening the economy has become more of a political calculation than a public health concern, especially in the swing states。Many Republican incumbents, fearful of an economic slowdown affecting their re-election chances, called for a quick re-opening, while many Democrats cautioned against it。

  除此之外,重启经济看上去一场政治斗争,并非公共卫生服务管理决策,特别是在是在晃动州。因为忧虑经济升高不容易危害竞选市场前景,许多 在任的美国民主党政治家都督促尽快重启经济,而大部分民主党人答复所持赞同建议。  While at it, Trump has pulled the U.S。

out of the World Health Organization and continues to hold rallies across the country to blame China for America‘s pandemic, which he calls the “Kung Flu。”  除此之外,特朗普还带领美国散伙世界卫生组织的机构,并大大的在中国各省举行聚会,斥责中国导致了美国时下的新冠疫情,即他说白了的“时间流行性感冒”。





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